My biggest problem as an author - and a person - seems to be not being able to fit in a box.

I like to challenge the narrative with facts and research.

I’m on a mission to share truths about the world, each other, and the greater universe - truths that some would prefer we kept in the dark.

I’m also here to entertain. Through story we can cry, laugh and understand things a whole lot better. I love fiction. I detour into non-fiction here and there but I always come back.

There’s a couple of other things you may want to know. I am relentless when on the quest for real, verifiable truth. But real truth is becoming increasingly difficult to find, causing us to lean evermore on our powers of discernment.

Also, it’s not conspiracy if its fact. Most things that have in the recent past been considered conspiracy theory are now proven true. Fact.

One more thing. There’s nothing beyond our limits. In fact, we have no limits.

Lane Keller, Author

Awakening the rebel within

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My upcoming novella series, Cayce Undercover is for readers who like a healthy dose of conspiracy combined with deep dive detective work in their mystery series. To be published early 2025.

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